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Our Coffees

Medium Roast

Our Medium Roast consists of 100% of the finest Arabica beans, which mature in the world-renowned growing regions of Colombia’s cold and harsh Andes Mountains.

Colombian coffees are extremely well balanced, with good acidity and a medium body. Because of their consistently rich flavor and pleasing aroma, they are the standard by which coffee beans grown throughout the world are measured.

These excellent beans are roasted slowly by true crafts people, to bring out their peak mellow flavor. When brewed, they deliver unwavering smooth and satisfying cups of coffee.

Dark Roast

Our Dark Roast consists of three outstanding coffees: Colombian Supremo, Kenya AA and Java Estate.

Select Colombian Supremo beans anchor the blend, providing its balanced, rich flavor and medium acidity. Additional character and complexity come from the distinctly-flavored Kenya AA beans, which are earthy, full-bodied and present the palate with a bright acidity. Finally, the Java Estate beans—smooth, slightly smoky and with a hint of spice—perfectly finish the blend.

The beans are skillfully brought to their peak during an extended, controlled roast that frees their dark tones. The resulting brew
is both mellow and strong, and never tastes charred.

Decaffeinated Roast

The Longfellow’s Coffee Decaffeinated Roast takes into account that the decaffeination process inevitably washes away some of the coffee beans’ original flavor. That’s why, for our decaf roast, we select 100% Colombian beans that are bursting with innate, intense flavor.

 The finest Arabica beans, which mature in the world-renowned growing regions of Colombia’s cold and harsh Andes Mountains, comprise our decaffeinated roast. These excellent beans are slowly roasted by true craftspeople to bring out their peak mellow taste and pleasing aroma. They deliver robust, caffeine-free brews that are consistently smooth, flavorful and satisfying.

Antica Tostatura Triestna

Our espresso blend, Nessun Dorma, is a blend of the greatest refinement and personality, with sweet taste, broad and velvety, never bitter, with intense rounded aromas for those searching for delicacy and softer characteristics in coffee. Created from the perfect combination of eight of the most prized coffee, the cupping characteristics resemble a symphony of aromas, including fresh citrus, jasmine blossom, fine vanilla and melted chocolate. A taste that will put a smile on your face.