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Employment Opportunities

The future of Longfellow’s Coffee’s will only remain bright if we attract employees who are smart, hard working, clean, dedicated, loyal and honest. If we are going to find and hire these superior employees, we must treat them well, have clear expectations, and promote from within. And that’s just what we do.
Do you think you want to work for Longfellow’s Coffee?
We are looking to hire employees who will interact with our customers with a natural courtesy, a friendly smile, a pleasant word, and a sense of urgency for these customers’ limited time.
We train all new employees thoroughly in all aspects of the operations of Longfellow’s Coffee. You will receive one-on-one training to become a skilled barista, learning how to prepare all the exotic coffee and espresso drinks offered at leading coffee establishments throughout the world.
Current Employment Opportunities
We look to staff all positions on all shifts: 
Longfellow’s Coffee is an Equal Opportunity Employer
We realize that no matter what your background, no matter what your work experience, no matter what your gender, race, religion, homeland, sexual orientation or age, it’s likely you have something to offer our business.
For example, a young person might bring energy, exuberance, and a sense of wonder to his or her job, while an older person might bring a lifetime’s wealth of experience and a well-honed, responsible work ethic.
All honest and reliable people have qualities we seek.
You can build a career with us
Never forget, if you join Longfellow’s Coffee today, you are getting in on the ground floor of a young company that’s committed to long-range growth and success. Longfellow’s Coffee promotes from within, so if you’re the right person, you can look forward to years of rewards from our progressive company. Or you can make Longfellow’s Coffee a career stepping stone. We all have many jobs during the years we work. It’s likely that many Longfellow’s Coffee employees won’t make our company their last stop. If that describes you, that’s OK. While you’re with us you’ll earn a fair wage, learn a lot, and have some fun. And if you prove to be a good and trusted employee, you’ll receive a positive letter of recommendation from us when you decide to move on to your next job.
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